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  1. Spring Is Coming 18 August 2017

    Spring is on its way.  The sun will be shining, the temperature will be rising and the birds will be singing. We always feel a little better and more positive at this time of the year. If only it could be Spring all year round. The powers to be advise that Spring is the selling time and is the time to get your property sold while the weather is great, gardens look fabulous and people are generally in a very upbeat state of mind. So what’s the next step?         You need to know what your end goal is. Why do you want to sell? Is the home too small, too big, wrong area, changes in relationship? Where do you want to go? Closer to the beach, closer to family, follow work, move to the country, move to the city? How much do you want to spend? All these questions need to be addressed in detail before you decide to sell. Be honest with yourself and realistic. Sometimes you just feel like a move and no amount of logic will sway you and that’s fine, as you don’t need to justify the move to anyone but yourself. You do need to have the answers to all these questions so you’re prepared and panic doesn’t set in when your property is sold. Now, once we have the end goal sorted it’s time to work on your property. Make sure the garden is neat and tidy and looks inviting and welcoming. Internally try to declutter the home from as much excess furniture as possible, remember when styling - less is more. Clear all your benchtops, make sure all clothes, toys and kitchen utensils are put away where they belong prior to any inspection. Give the bathrooms, toilets and oven a good clean as that is the first place many buyers look to see how the home has been cared for over the years. No one wants to wash in a mouldy shower or cook in a greasy oven!! Make sure beds are made, floors washed and carpets vacuumed. Keep the home as light and airy as possible, open the curtains, raise the blinds, turn on lights in the dull areas of the home - you will be amazed at the difference it makes to the overall feel of the home. All this extra effort, if handled correctly, should result in a far better price in a shorter time frame than if you had done nothing at all and presented your property in a sub-standard fashion. So, let the fun begin. If you’re thinking of doing the move, NOW is the time to jump. There is huge demand for properties available for sale in the area and many buyers are looking for their dream home. So the time is right for sellers at the moment. If you are curious about what your property is worth in today’s market, please feel free to contact Us on 8762 0128. We will be happy to assist you, it may cost you a cup of coffee though!! Alternatively, if you would like to discuss any points raised in this blog you can contact me on at John.lewis@usre.net.au.

  2. New Under Quoting Laws 5 June 2017

      In case you’re unaware there have been new laws introduced to ensure agents don’t purposely underquote the pricing on their listings they have for sale. In simple terms, what this means is agents are no longer allowed to quote a price range under what the vendor is expecting to accept for their property. Along with the price range they must supply the public with a form that shows 3 recent comparative sales of similar properties to the one they’re selling in the same area to support the price range they are quoting. This is called; “The Statement of Information”. This has been brought on by agents that continually and purposely low ball the price range under the vendor’s expectation and what they have told the vendor they should achieve for them, to entice many buyers to a property and then use that demand to get buyers excited and force their hand in paying as much as they possibly can for the property. Now you may say “well isn’t that what you are paid to do?” and yes in a way that is correct. The problem in the above scenario is that the agents doing this are misleading the public and creating a false sense of urgency and are leaving behind many a casualty. Buyers are continually disappointed and frustrated by spending their entire weekend looking at homes they thought they could afford but were never in the running. The new laws are designed to ensure more transparency and less underhanded tactics used by some unscrupulous agents and, in my humble opinion, this is a good thing. Please note though should, during the sales process, the agent marketing the home receives an offer over and above the range being quoted it doesn’t stop the vendor from accepting that offer. In an extremely competitive market it can shock even some of the most experienced agents the prices being achieved for certain properties. Humans are competitive and some people will go to extreme lengths to ensure they secure the home of their dreams. Another factor in vendors accepting offers is the conditions attached to the offer. The most common two being “subject to finance” and “subject to a satisfactory building and pest inspection”. I personally have had vendors accept a lesser offer on the basis that there are no conditions attached to the offer or the deposit or settlement terms didn’t suit them. We as agents price a home off historical information and haven’t got the crystal ball to predict what will happen in the future. This job of ours is full of challenges - sometimes they go for more than anticipated and other times they go for less. If we are doing our job right though most times we are right on the money. If you have any questions regarding this blog please email me at john.lewis@usre.net.au. I would love to hear from you.